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QUIQspread is Moody’s Analytics intelligent, financial spreading tool that will accelerate your spreading process.

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The Moody’s Analytics Advantage

Come out from behind the spreadsheet and explore the tool that will redefine spreading forever.

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Learn more about how we’re revolutionizing financial spreading


Automated extraction of data allows analysts to process more statements in the same amount of time.


The QUIQspread model gets smarter as it learns from analyst's adjustments.


QUIQspread uses your chart of accounts and applies your spreading practice to each entity with consistency.

Next Generation Financial Analysis

  1. Highlighted Errors

    Find problems quickly with an intuitive interface that surfaces and highlights potential errors.

  2. Calculated Comparisons

    Quickly compare and correct differences between ‘As Reported’ values from the source document and machine-mapped values.

  3. Persistent Accounting Check

    Easily check the accuracy of bottom-line equations with a persistent accounting check.

  4. Dynamic Cross-Linking

    Validate machine-mapped data by linking back from the template to the source PDF.

Award Winning Solution

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Learn more about how we’re revolutionizing financial spreading.

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